In Billerica, MA, there is a small little shop called Augusta Subs & Salad which makes these amazing fried chicken bites. As the owners and the crew proudly say, they serve “The Best Damn Chicken…Period”. For those of us on a Keto diet, these chicken bites are full of carbs unfortunately, so I was looking to keto(fy) them at home.

The one kitchen tool that makes this possible cleanly, is the air fryer. Vast majority of them function the same and the size of the basket is one of their biggest differences. As much as I would love to deep fry these, it’s just not practical at home. Besides the quantity of oil needed, and the fact that you’ll probably make the whole house smell, there is also the question on what to do with all that used up oil. Just use an air fryer, and you’ll be diving into a plate of these in under 30 minutes.




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